Click on the link below with your group's name. This link will take you to your own page where you will upload and input your project. Remember that only one person can edit at a time or you will edit over each other and lose information! Coordinate within your group to make sure that doesn't happen. Also remember that you need to check out your links *at school* to make sure everything (links, images, connections, etc) works through our filter before the day your assignment is due. Let me know ASAP if it doesn't and we'll see if we can work something out. Youtube won't work.
Be sure that all group members' names are the first thing on your page and that you organize your page in the order of the chapters. Have fun and be creative!

1st Period Groups:

The C-Shooters

JAC's Ducks

2 Men and a Mormon

The M&M'S

3 Best Friends Anyone Could Have

Soul Sisters


Dream Team


2nd Period Groups:

Barbie Dolls & Tyler

McNasty McNuggets


Delicious, Nutricious, Fabulicious

Lentilles Gauchers

Super Dupers

Blasphemous Rumors


Die Auslander (The Foreigners)