Recent and Current Censorship in America
By: Jessica Brown, Nicole Allison, Tess Frierson

Censorship in AshevilleAbove, is an example of censorship around our community. The same way that they burn books in Fahrenheit 451, this small church in Canton is trying to censor their members by burning books and other items that they think are inappropriate.

Censorship in Literature
Censorship in literature has been occuring since people began writing. In our country, many cultures, religions, and peoples are represented, so books are being banned so as to not step on anyones' toes. Books are especially censored when being used for the education of children. Books will continue to be challenged as long as they have issues of concern in them.

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Censorship in the Internet
The internet in the United States has not yet become regulated by the Government, although the private businesses and coorporations with stockholders by law can control the contents of their sites. School systems are able to censor the internet access availability of their students.

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Censorship in the Media
Presently, media censorship has been necessary to protect mainly children from being exposed to an excess of sexually explicit content, violence, and racism. Media has been shown to make lasting impressions on children and can effect their behaviors and tendencies.

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Censorship in the War and Politics
It is understood that some war-zone censorship is necessary to avoid since it could lead to dangerous situations, but authorities should not limit the publics' knowledge on war reporting. As Americans, it is our right to know how and what our soldiers are doing to protect our country. Information should not be withheld because the contents could anger, frighten, or disturb us. That is all the more reason why we should see it, so that we know what our troops truely go through mentally and physically to provide us with the freedom we have.

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