Book Burning Julia, Shannon, and Miranda

"To take away knowledge in any form is simply intolerable to me. It doesn't matter what the content of the words are, just a higher power saying nope, that's off limits bothers me." -Deerek Powazek

"Book burning represents an element of censorship and usually proceeds from cultural, religous, or polotical oppsition to the materials in question" (Holocaust Encyclopedia). Over the years book burning has influenced many. This censorship has pleased some while others have felt that the usurpations by the Nazis has wrongfully limited the books accessible.

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  • 259-210 B.C. Shih Huang Ti, Emperor of China, burned all of the books in his kingdom with the exception of one copy of each to remain in the royal library. Books were not the only thing he burned, also 460 scholars suffered a firey death.
  • 1497-98 Savonarola, one of the greatest sensors, was the reason for the burning of books and paintings created by some of Florence's greatest artists. Savonarola was ironically burned to death with his life writtings, sermons, essays, and pamphlets.
  • 1525 Six thousand copies of English translations of the New Testament were burned in the English church, because the church authorities believed that the Bible should remain in Latin.
  • 1624 Martin Luther's German translation of the Bible was burnt by the Pope's order.
  • 1885 The library of Concord, Massachusetts excluded Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn from their collection. The committee made the decision thinking the book was rough, course, and inelegant.
  • 1933 Nazi Germany burned thousands of books in a series of bonfires. The books burned were written by Jews, communists, and others including Albert Einstein and Helen Keller.
  • 1954 Mickey Mouse comics were banned in East Berlin because Mickey was said to be an "anti-Red rebel."
  • Present Day- Occasionally, Harry Potter books are burned in churches because of conflicting beliefs.