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The author began the novel this way because he wanted to write about a topic avoided in Puritan times.

"Cluster all these individuals together, as they sometimes were, with other miscellaneous ones to diversify the group, and, for the time being, it made the Custom House a stirring scene." (pg. 272)
- This quote relates to personal experience because it is like school. In school, there are many different kinds of kids, teachers, and other staff. All the diversity can make school very interesting.

" A writer of storybooks! What kind of business in life- what mode of glorifying God, or being servicable to mankind in his day and generation- may that be? Why, the degenerate fellow might as well have been a fiddler!" (pg. 276)
- This quotes relates to Pearl because people consider the narrotor frivolous for writing stories, just like they consider Pearl frivolous because she is a "free spirt".

" This long connection of a family with one spot, as its place of birth and burial, creates a kindred between the human being and the locality. quite independent of any charm in the scenery or moral circumstances that surround him." (pg. 276-277)
- This quote relates to the end because Hester is buried with someone else near the chapel where she lived.

Chapter 1
The scarlet letter symbolizes her sin to everyone in the town, so they shun her like she is in prison.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
-One interpretation of the title "The Recognition" is that Hester recognizes her husband's face. Another interpretation is that Hester's husband realizes what Hester has done, which provokes him to get revenge. A third interpretation is that the town recognizes Hester's sin and punishes her for it. The town also realizes Hester will not speak the name of her lover, and Dimmesdale lets her keep the secret, which could help the reader recognize that Dimmesdale may be involved in the situation.

Chapter 6
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Pearl represents the innocence of children in The Scarlet Letter. Pearl is not the person who committed the crime of adultery, however, because she was the product of that sin, she is shunned like her mother. Pearl provides an obvious contrast between the world of a child and that of adults.

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Pearl brings out many questions that make the reader think about the society that the book is centered around.
Pearl is also constantly questioning the reason as to why her mother wears the scarlet letter.

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Compared to the other children in the community, Pearl leads a free and unique life.

Chapter 7
"Thou must gather thine own sunshine. I have none to give thee." (pg.54)
Hester is shut out of Puritan society because she committed adultery. The scarlet A that she must wear upon her chest is a constant reminder of this sin and alienation. The humiliation caused by this results in Hester falling away from the sunshine and living a life of darkness and depression. According to WebMD, depression can be caused by social isolation and can lead to feelings of guilt and worthlessness. When Pearl wants her own sunshine, Hester tells her she must gather her own. Hester has none left to give because she has been living in "darkness" for so long. She does not want Pearl to follow in her footsteps and live a life of shame. She wants Pearl to live a healthy, happy life.
Chapter 8
In Puritan times Hester would have been seen as an unfit mother because she let Pearl live freely. Pearl was able to play as she wanted to play and do what she wanted to do. The Puritan way of raising a child was through strict, God-fearing means. In today's times, however, Hester would be seen as a good mother. She allowed her daughter to be unique and free.

Chapters 9-10
The relationship between Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale and Doctor Roger Chillingworth is quite complex. Chillingworth is Dimmesdale’s doctor so they do interact with each other, but there is tension between them and neither one really knows why. They are as you could say “common street friends,” but they don’t truly know one another or know about their lives.
In this link is the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and it really shows certain similarities to the "Scarlet Letter." Much like in the book where Dimmesdale and Chillingworth interact but dont really know each other and about their lives, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" has a couple who has been together for a few years and without any warning the girl, Sarah, cheated on her boyfriend with a famous singer of which Peter, the now ex-boyfriend of Sarah, knows about from TV but doesnt really interact. Aldous, the singer whom Sarah had an affair with, knows nothing about Peter. The two later meet up in Hawaii and speak, but neither one really knows about the other.

Chapter 11

“To the untrue man, the whole universe is false-it is palpable-it shrinks to nothing within his grasp. And he himself, in so far as he shows himself in a false light, becomes a shadow, or, indeed, ceases to exist.”
In this quote, it is saying that once a person has done something despicable, such as Dimmesdale, it almost seems as though nothing is right with the world for that man and it can never go back to being the same. It is now no longer pure and true. It is false and marred. Also the man himself seems to disappear and not exist which is like a metaphor. Because when a person does something unforgivable the society around him will forever remember and look down upon him and he will never be looked at the same. The man may feel bad, but it doesn’t diminish the things he did which will greatly affect him for the rest of his time.

Current Event Link
In The Scarlet Letter Hester cheats on her husband with another man and when the town finds out she is very heavily frowned upon. In this current event I found, a pastor in the mountains was accused of having sex with a minor and when the county found out he was sent to jail secured by a hefty bond and now the county will no longer look at this man the same because of what he did.

Chapter 13
The Puritans of Boston at first viewed Hester with disappointment and disbelief but that is because they didnt realize her husband Chillingsworth had done the same and the whole thing was just a sexist situation. Later on the women of the town realized how unfair it was to treat Hester the way they had been doing so because she wasn't the only one doing wrong. Hester felt guilty and embarassed of herself because of what she did and also just felt so worthless and like she wasn't worthy to be in the presence of anyone.
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This piece of artwork is showing Puritans surrounding two others locked into the guillotine and from the looks of it the two individuals obviously did something disrespectful to scar the town and back then it was a pretty reasonable punishment for people who can't follow the rules especially for the Puritans. In the book Hester was looked at as a despicable figure because of what she did and I feel this artwork above accurately relates to the book The Scarlet Letter.
Chapter 18
Dimmesdale has become happy and joyous for the first time in the book. The thought of finally getting the burden of his affair off his chest and going to Europe with Hester makes him cheerful. He is now referred to as Arthur Dimmesdale because he is more human and his emotions are showing, instead of the dark, depressed Mr. Dimmesdale.

Final Assignment
-Hawthorne chose to have Hester raise a daughter because it is easier to relate and compare Hester and Pearl, both being women. Hester can raise Pearl the way a woman is supposed to be raised. A woman trying to raise a boy without a man's help wouldn't turn out right. Hester can teach Pearl all of her skills, so Pearl can grow up any maybe be useful to society. If Hester raised a boy, he would be as much of an outcast as Hester was.
-Chillingworth committed the greatest sin by torturing Hester and Dimmesdale and holding the affair they had over their heads. Although Dimmesdale and Hester committed the original sin, they accepted it and dealt with the consequences. Chillingworth's thirst for revenge gave his character an evil feel and made him the villain of the story. Revenge is the greatest sin, and being the one trying to get revenge, Chillingworth committed the greatest sin of any character in the story.